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Re: A crazy person emails the queen

by johncons on Sun Dec 28, 2008 4:17 pm
Jayfive wrote:
While you lot were getting pissed, Erik’s been busy over christmas: … -1-in.html … ondon.html

So, Pinhead – when are you going to put your money where your mouth is and do something like this? You could probably get through to a lot more people this way. Far more effective way of spreading the word right there.

@Erik – how was london? Mustve been murder getting there from liverpool over xmas


I bought four cans of lager before Christmas but I haven’t got to drink them yet.

But I was on town, a couple of weeks ago, on a club called Blue Angel, so that was fun, and there the pints only costs 2 pounds, so then I got a bit pissed myself I have to admit.

It wasn’t difficult going to London.

I’m unemployed now, so I went with the National Express, and that’s only about ten minutes to walk from where I live.

But two brothers that had been watching the Liverpool – Bolton game, and ran from Anfield after the game, they were bableing all the way to London, and they sat down around where I sat, and they were taking phone-calls all the time, and speaking like Ali g almost, so it was a bit much when this went on for four hours.

But on the way home, they had set up an extra bus, so then I got three seats on my own, at the back of the coach, for large parts of the trip.

So I’m not complaining.

This was the fourth Christmas-eve that I’ve been sitting home alone at Christmas Eve, since the Norwegian Government refuse to give me my rights, and tell me what’s going on with that I’ve overheard that I’m being followed by ‘the mafia’ in Oslo in 2003, and also more that has happened after that. (That the yankees are using me as target-guy, or something like this).

So I decided to have protest against christmas three at trafalgar square.

And I also had protest outside of norwegian consulate in Liverpool, and also outside of Norwegian Embassy in London.

But the christmas three protest was disrupted, so I had to protest by the Nelson-column instead.

Other than that London was fine, they have many fine women etc there, like in Liverpool there are so many young girls, but in London there are like fine looking, single women in their 20s and 30s, but I think in Liverpool, that they marry earlier or something.

Something like that.

But anyway.

What was I writing.

I ate at McDonalds in Oxford St., and I was at Piccadelly Circus and in Hyde Park etc., and I was told that the Chistmas-spirit in London was bias, or something, so I guess I have to read more in the dictionary or something, since here in Liverpool the women mostly say ‘Oh my God’, they don’t say words like ‘bias’, or what it was again, so I have to start reading more in the Dictionary before I go to London again I think.

I’ve also been messed with by the Norwegian Ombudsman, who in a way is above the Government in Norway, looking after them.

So I was joking on my blog, who was above the Ombudsman.

So I wrote it was Ombuds-clause. (Ombudsnissen, like we say in Norway), the Ombuds-gnome, kind of.

But I couldn’t find the Ombuds-gnome, but I saw a fox when I went around in conection with the protest, so I wrote that I met the Ombuds-fox instead.

But that was just funny joke, so I’ll try to be more serious.

We’ll see.

Erik Ribsskog


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