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energizer wrote:
Merry christmas erik.

I don’t understand what the statement «the xmas spirit in london is bias» means. It doesn’t make sense. Bias means to personally favour something, so much so that you find it difficult to favour something else within the same category. Can you explain further what you think it means?

Well I asked really how Christmas had been.

And the answer was a bit bias/biased.

So I guess it really means that it wasn’t fair with Christmas, that the rich people in the elite had the best Christmases.

Something like this.

It could also be a bit rude perhaps, in that they say ‘bi’, which in Norway means that someone is almost gay.

But I can’t say for sure in which way this was meant, if it was meant to be sincere or inpolite.

But that’s how it is, one can’t understand anything.

It was a bit like a joke also, in Norway we have a guy called the Christmas Soda King from Norway, ‘Julebruskongen’, who went
to New York for a month, and was filming Times Square etc., and Empire State and the statue of Liberty etc., so I thought I could
be the Christmas Spirit King from Norway, and film Piccadelly Circus etc., since I tried to get some Christmas Spirit by going to
London, because I was a bit down by sitting alone on Christimas Eve, with nothing to do, so then I started thinking about that
I could try to protest a bit, so then at least I had something to occupy my mind with, so that I wouldn’t only think of that I
sat home at Christmas every year.

But anyway.

Merry Christmas to you back!

Erik Ribsskog


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