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Re: A crazy person emails the queen
by johncons on Mon Dec 29, 2008 7:45 am

Ned wrote:
Svirre wrote:
Just a few notes on mr Ribsskog.

I have been monitoring his activities for the last week or so, going through his blog, going through facebook as well as going through different forums he has posted on.
There is no doubt what so ever. The man is mentally ill. He has even put out his psyciatric journal on his blog, this because he is convinced they got it all wrong because they wrote down the worng age on him.

His psyciatric journal tells us that the preliminary diagnosis is «paranoid psychosis».

A couple of years ago Erik left Norway in a hurry, because he was convinced he was hunted by the «mafia». Something he overheard on the bus. So he ran, took the ferry to denmark, drove through europe, flew to the united states, returned, and ended up in Liverpool where he now is currently residing. He has been working, but was fired after harassing the people he worked for and with. Amongst other things he is holy convinced that all the people at his former job was brainwashed by the mafia, and that illuminati has something to do with everything. Currently he is living from what he recieves in welfare, but the norwegian state will at some point stop paying him because of the rules that states that you have to be a resident of norway, and stay in norway to recieve welfare. Since he refuses to return to norway (because of the mafia, but most likely because he doesnt want treatment for his illness), it will probably end badly with a scenario where he’ll be thrown out from his apartement and ending up as a bum.

It is clear that Erik suffers from a mental disorder, and the whole issue is just..well its sad. Im not yet sure if he can be concidered dangerous, but caution is important. What is worse is that he should come back to norway to recieve proper treatment, but will probably end up under british public psyciatric healthcare, since he refuses to return. Nothing wrong about british healthcare, but it is obviously easier to treat someone with a psychological disorder in their own language, not in their second language.

As a person that doesnt know you Erik, but who can see that you have issues, please; Choose for yourself the best option. Return to Norway and recieve proper care for your condition, even if you dont think its a condition yourself. Proper medication can do wonders. Thats a promise. And by the way, its better to take them yourselves, instead of ending up with an ever bigger dept in 2 years and being force fed in a british institution.

In the end i guess its a plea for deaf ears, since you cannot see clearly.

To people participating in this conversation, as well as admins running the forum who might read this, please do not engage into conversation with him. You should also remove his user privileges as soon as possible. Erik has a known history of harassing people he comes into contact with. He has reported most of his own family to the police. I guess a really good one is him reporting a girl to the police for a presumed rape. 17 years ago. Raped. By a girl who was more or less the same age. Where she sat on him, rode him, and in his own words; «she was quite big, so i couldnt excactly throw her off»..and he felt raped, cos for the next weeks he couldnt think about anything else than sex.

I rest my case there. Good luck Erik. Me and others WILL keep following you, and we WILL keep on warning people against you, as well as shutting down your blogs, which is in direct violation of law.

Sounds like something the Norwegian mafia would say

Kieran-M wrote:
None of my bussiness but



Well said la


I have close to 4000 posts on my blog.

This person must have been reading them for weeks.

And he is obviously a Brit, I’d say, from the way he writes, so he must probably have got help with translating the posts from Norwegian, because he is refering to posts written in Norwegian.

And then he has picked out five or six subjects, after several weeks monitoring, and then twisted on the subjects.

And then presenting them all at the same time, like a jack in the box.

So I got a bit shocked by the attack from the troll in the box, since it was so many things at once.

One can’t expect that one should answer so many subjects at the same time, so it was a bit horrible attack, and a bit overflow.

So jack in the box should appologise for acting like a troll in the box, with the bit of overflow.

And then the troll in the box should act like a man, and just ask about one subject at a time from the blog.

Then it would be ok I guess.

Erik Ribsskog


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