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Re: A crazy person emails the queen
by johncons on Mon Dec 29, 2008 6:45 pm

traffic_cone wrote:
This is definitely the strangest thread I can remember on this forum, I have to say.

I find it amazing that you moved country on overhearing the mafia were following you. Did you literally just overhear it randomly? What was the context?


I got my face distroyed, in Oslo, in December 2003. (It’s a long face and story).

And I overheard on the bus on the way to work, at Rimi Bjørndal, that ‘he’s fighting back this one’, from the youths on the bus, who sounded like in chock.

And from the youth-customers that was foreigners at Bjørndal, ‘Hes followed by the mafia, still he’s not afraid’.

(Just because I did my job).

I heard that a college, Songül, Kurdish girl from Turkey and Norway, was looking for the personel-files to find my address etc’.

I overheard woman in 50s saying to another woman i 40s or 50s that ‘I’ve overheard that he’s also followed by the mafia’.

(So it could be muslim mafia and ‘standard’ mafia).

And mafia/gang people, who looked like Albanian mafia, one very big, though guy, and a gang of guys in their 20s, came to the shop,
to ‘inspect’ me, like looking at my name-sign etc.

I also understood on other collegues and customers that they seemed very conserned.

So it was definatly something going on.

But exactly what the mafia-stuff was about, that I don’t know, since noone has never leveled with me about mafia-stuff.

I only know what the papers write about stuff like that.


Erik Ribsskog


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