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Re: A crazy person emails the queen
by johncons on Mon Dec 29, 2008 8:00 pm

Seagull Dave G wrote:
hang on a minute… how do we know you aren’t a mouthpiece of said mafia, posting on here to ensnare us in some devilish trap? ur story seems a little too… convenient, shall we say


I don’t know about the phoney stuff.

I only want my rights from the Government.

But I can’t get them, so I’m writing the blog.

And someone linked to the blog from here.

So now I’m writing here.

But on my blog I’ve been writing 4000 blogposts almost.

So it’s a bit much to explain about on the message-board really.

Maybe I should write a blog in English as well, but that’s going to take some time, since it’s easier for me to write in Norwegian, so I do that, since then I can explain better etc.

This is a bit tirering with the message-board etc.

I don’t know what you mean, what I want.

I want the Norwegian Government to give me my rights.

But I’ve also been messed with by the British Police etc., after the case I started against Bertelsmann/Microsoft.

And I also have rights in Britain since Norway have the EEA-agreement with EU.

But these rights are neighter respected.

The Merseyside Police have called me ‘Miss Erik Ribsskog’, and have been doing a lot of phoney stuff.

But maybe they havent got control.

What do I know.

I’ve also been messed with by the IPCC and the Home Office, so theres definatly something going on.

Shouldn’t EU and EEA citizens get their rights in Britain you think?

Erik Ribsskog


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