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Re: A crazy person emails the queen
by johncons on Mon Dec 29, 2008 3:27 pm

Jayfive wrote:
But someone on this message-board explained that a person writing here, with the nick Rafa, wrote earlier that he was an undercover cop, building a
(phoney) case against a Norwegian guy living in Walton, when I lived there.

And I guess there can’t be that many Norwegian people being messed with by the Police and the Government, that lives in Walton.

So I think that could have been regarding me and I’m being messed with by the Police.

So I’ve sent this message-board user with the nick Rafa a message.

So what I’ll do now, is that I’ll wait an see if he reappears on this message-board.

:yeah, like it’s so funny – I’m laughing out loud: Oh man…..

Erik, for the sake of clarity could you post up here the message you sent to this suspicious ‘rafa’ person?


thanks for your fast answer!

Here’s what the user Ned wrote about the user Rafa, that he had written he was working for the Police and the ministry of Defence,
building up what seemed to be a phoney case against a Norwegian guy in Walton: … olice.html

And here is the message that I sent the user Rafa, after reading what Ned wrote earlier in this thread: … board.html

(The post that Ned from this message-board wrote is also possible to find earlier in this thread).

Erik Ribsskog


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