E-mail to the Home Office Minister. (A complaint about the IPCC and the Home Office).

Google Mail – To the Home Office Minister.

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Google Mail

Erik Ribsskog


To the Home Office Minister.

Erik Ribsskog


Tue, Jan 13, 2009 at 7:02 PM




I’m escalating this to the top of the Ministry, since it seems to me

that there is a problem in your ministry,

with that the people working there, pretends to not understand what

I’m complaining to you about.

That they make themselves a bit stupid, one can say.

This is how it seems to me, after communicating with the Home Office.

I’ll explain more about this.

I’ve contacted you since the IPCC aren’t returning phone-calls, and

aren’t answering e-mails, that I sent

to them, almost a year ago now.

This can’t be explained as a slight delay, like I was told by you, in

the previous correspondence.

And you also write, that you have no influence on IPCC decitions.

But this isn’t about IPCC desition-making.

I’m not asking you to interfere with that.

But, I’ve been informed, by the Ministry of Justice, that the IPCC is

sorting under the Home Office


I’m writing that word in captial letters, since you in the Home

Office, don’t seem to want to understand, that

I’m not complaining to you, about IPCC desition-making.

I’m complaining to you, on that the IPCC is poorly administrated.

Since they don’t return phone-calls, and they don’t answer e-mails

I’ve sent them, even if I’ve also sent

reminder e-mails.

So this is poor administration of the IPCC, I think.

I’ve been informed, like I explained, that the IPCC is sorting under

the Home Office administratively.

So therefore it’s your responsibility, at the Home Office, to recieve

and deal with the complaint on the IPCC

poor administration, since they sort under you administrativly, since

they recieve founding from your budget.

I’m begining to be a bit bored of repeating this in several e-mails to

the Home Office.

Please stop pretending not to understand this now, or I have to

contact the Prime Ministers Office again.

I’m sorry that I’m very direct in this e-mail, but it’s a bit

frusterating, having to write the same again and again.

(And there are also problems with you minstry, that you could look at

seperatly, if that isn’t to much of an


Why do your representatives pretend to be a bit stupid, and why do the

Home Office repeatedly send ‘scrambeled’


This could seem like ‘time-delaying’ to me.

This within the paranteses, is not the IPCC complaint, but a seperate

Home Office complaint, that you can look at,

if it’s not to much of an abstraction, with to complaints at the same time.).

I’m again sorry that I’m writing this complaint very direct, but I’m

sorry to say that I’ve run a bit out of patience with

the Home Office now, so that’s the reason for the direct tone.

But I trust that these problems will be sorted now, since I’m sending

this e-mail to the top of the Ministry.

So I’m confident, or at least I hope, that I wont be disapointed with

you yet again, like when I’ve recieved your previous

e-mails, regarding these problems.

Yours sincerely,

Erik Ribsskog


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