I try to get help with the Arvato-case.

Google Mail – Employment-case

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Google Mail

Erik Ribsskog



Erik Ribsskog


Wed, Jan 21, 2009 at 10:44 AM


Law Clinic <clinic@liverpool.ac.uk>


I’m not based in Sweden, I live in Leather Lane in Liverpool.

I worked at Bertelsmann Arvato’s Microsoft Scandinavian Product

Activation in the Cunard Building,

in Liverpool.

I’m a Norwegian native, but Microsoft’s Scandinavian

product-activation, was run from Liverpool, like

it says in the link in the e-mail.

The University in Liverpool, has also let Arvato put up posters for

their Microsoft Scandinavian Product Activation-campaign,

on your campus, and a lot of the people working part time on the

Microsoft-campaign were students from your university,

and other universities and colleges in Liverpool, who were treated in

a inhuman way there, I think I have to say, with the

illigal management-methods and the bullying from managers and all.

I don’t think I would have contacted you from Sweden, if I was living

there and this was a Swedish employment-case.

But I can hear with the other Pro Bono clinics.

But thank you very much for your answer!

Yours sincerely,

Erik Ribsskog

On Wed, Jan 21, 2009 at 10:31 AM, Law Clinic <clinic@liverpool.ac.uk> wrote:

> Dear Erik Ribsskog,


> Thank you for your email. It seems from your message that you are based in

> Sweden?  If that is so, then unfortunately, we are not able to offer legal

> advice via email/telephone.  The Law Clinic offers appointments in which our law

> students interview clients under the supervision of local, practising solicitors

> and a letter of advice is sent out within a period of 2 – 3 weeks following the

> interview.  The service is aimed at members of the general public from the

> Merseyside area of Liverpool.


> Yours sincerely,



> Marie Ball

> Clinic Administrator

> Liverpool Law Clinic

> lawclinic@liverpool.ac.uk



> —–Original Message—–

> From: Erik Ribsskog [mailto:eribsskog@gmail.com]

> Sent: 19 January 2009 08:13

> To: Law Clinic

> Subject: Employment-case


> Hi,


> I have an employment-case, against Bertelsmann Arvato’s Microsoft

> Scandinavian Product Activation, that

> I’m trying to get help with:


> http://www.scribd.com/groups/view/14830-arvato-services-ltd-s-microsoft-scandina

> vian-product-activation


> There were a lot of bullying from managers there, and a lot of other problems.


> Is this something that your Pro Bono clinic have the chance to help

> with you think?


> Thanks in advance for the answer!


> Yours sincerely,


> Erik Ribsskog



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