Someone found my complaint against the Liverpool City Council, and the Local Government Ombudsman, on my blog, and wrote about it on a message-board.

ABH wrote:
Anyone know EriK?

Hi, I’m aware of that I’m sending the appeal a bit late. But it was almost like a heated argumentation, between me and the Ombudsman case-worker, so I thought I’d try to calm it a bit down. Anyway, the Ombudsman also did the same error, in the compaint-process, in that they waited much to long, before sending me a reply, last year I think it must have been. So I’m asking you to please accept the appeal anyway, since it’s obvious that the Council has acted strange, and that this must be the most important thing to deal with, and not if I answer within three months and six months, also since the Ombudsman did the same mistake in this process.

Yours sincerely,

Erik Ribsskog


I have a tracking-cookie on my blog, so I can see when people link to the blog.

I’m having a bit of problems with, that the Local Government Ombudsman, is ‘messing’ with me a bit, I think I have to say.

In that I think that the Council should answer my written complaint in writing.

While the Council only offers to meet me, at the gym, (a funny place for a meeting like this, I think), and the Council offers to meet me, regarding a complaint, with a different date, from the one I sent.

So it just seems a bit stupid, I think, what the Council offers.

And I’ve complained about this, to the Ombudsman.

But the Ombudsman, frees the Council, and don’t eg. tell the Council that they have to answer my complaint in writing.

(And the Ombudsman has written answer-letters to late, and things like this.

I almost suspect there is some freemason-activity at the Ombudsman, or something like this).

I’ve posted about the whole complaint-process, on my blog.

I’ll find a link to this.

I would greatly appriciate, if someone have the chance, to have a look at the complaint-process, and give advice, regarding how I should go forward with an appeal etc., since I’m not so used to dealing with the Government etc., since I’ve been working in a Norwegian food-shop chain, Rimi, for most of my adult life, so I’m not so into complaints like this, so any advice would be highly appriciated!

I’ll see if I can find the link to this on my blog.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Yours sincerely,

Erik Ribsskog


Here is the link to the LGO complaint-process:


Even if it’s maybe a bit strange, that this person writes my name like this: ‘EriK’, with a capital ‘K’.


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