I contacted YouTube regarding that two johncons-film productions, that warns against the Illuminati, has been removed from YouTube.

Google Mail – Problems with 'Illuminati-film 2' and 'Illuminati Film (Third Edition)' being deleted from YouTube.

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Google Mail

Erik Ribsskog


Problems with ‘Illuminati-film 2’ and ‘Illuminati Film (Third Edition)’ being deleted from YouTube.

Erik Ribsskog


Thu, Feb 5, 2009 at 12:48 AM




yesterday I noticed that the films ‘Illuminati-film 2’ and ‘Illuminati

Film (Third Edition)’ had been deleted from YouTube.

Here are the links:

Illuminati-film 2:


Illuminati Film (Third Edition):


The reason stated for the removal of both films, in the links, where

‘This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by WMG.’.

I was wondering if.

1. If I shouldn’t have been notified about the copyright claim by WMG?

2. If the reason for the copyright-claim, was that I had included the

Madonna-song ‘Ray of light’, in the Illuminati-films?

If this is the reason for the removal of the films, then I wanted to

please try to explain, and that is that I suspect that this song,


Ray of Light’, in an ‘illuminati-song’.

It uses Illuminati/New World Order-symbolism, like the ray of light,

which is to do with Illuminati, which means to light up.

And also it uses New World Order/Illuminati terms like ‘waiting for

the day when the world will be as one’ (New World Order), and

‘Cause someone else will be there through the endless years’.

This is the dark-haired people, I suspect, and that the blond-haired

people are going to be removed. (Like it said in the UN-report, which

was claimed to be a ‘paper-duck’).

This is also help being showed by that Madonna is an occult kabalistic Jew.

(Also called ‘a which’).

And, that Madonna acts like a ‘whore’ when she has her hair coloured blond.

And, like a madonna, when her hair is coloured her own colour, brown/dark.

So I suspect that this song is part of an Illuminati-campaign, against

blond people, which have the curse of Ham, according to

Talmud or other cabalistic books, I suspect.

Something like this.

So I think I have the right, to make use of this song, since I use the

song, to express what my meaning is.

So this should be covered by my freedom of speech, I think.

One can see that I quote the lyrics from this song, Ray of Light, also

in the films.

So I think this is political.

It’s nothing to do with copyright.

Because the purpose of the films, are to express meanings, and the

purpose is not to entertain.

So I’d like to please dispute this removal of the films

‘Illuminati-film 2’ and ‘Illuminati Film (Third Edition)’ from


So I was wondering if you could please explain me how I should go

forward to do this.

I hope you have the chance to answer my questions, and thanks in

advance for the help with this!

Yours sincerely,

Erik Ribsskog


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