Letter from the Local Government Ombudsman

I’m not sure what to do with this complaint now.

It must be something wrong, when they let the cleaning-women, wash the mens changing-room, during opening hours, and there were also a lot of other strange things going on there.

The gym was suddently closed, after I e-mailed the Council about the washing-women, in the mens changing-room.

And there was just a sign, saying ‘gym closed’, hanging in the enterance-area, of the Millenium-bulding.

I think that, if it was true, like the Council said, that the gym was closed, for a planed refurbishment, then they would have had time, to make a proper sign, to have in the enterance-area, and they would also have had time to inform the users of the gym, properly, about this refurbishment.

Which they didn’t.

And also, they shouldn’t have withdrawn a full months charge, from the users bank-accounts, for the month they closed early.

(Some weeks into the refurbishment, then they suddently had a very fine sign, so here I think it was something wrong).


Erik Ribsskog


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