LiveLeak: More about product-activation over the phone seeming like a phoney job. And that it seemed like the Nordic women there were whores etc.

Quoted comment by AvgDude2: Typical IS bullshit. Not all coding assignments are equal and the paperwork surround software life-cycle is often incredibly overdesigned making if the most minor of code changes and 2 week project. This happening inside an environment where changes often have to be done immediately to stay on release schedule leads the most productive developers to fix the problem first and do the excessive bullshit paperwork second.

Dickhead managers never get this. They just keep piling on the bullshit process tasks without thinking how those piled on bullshit task eat up precious labor hours that should be used to develop quality software. This is exactly why the best software comes out of small shops or even a single person. The larger the company, the shittier the code in their software because of excessive process that is just designed by assholes obsessed with CYA and replacing high-priced good programmers with low cost shitty programmers. They convince themselves that all the thousands of pages of bullshit software requirements, tech specs, unit testing designs, Quality Assurance designs and summaries somehow are gonna produce good software. They don’t. In fact, they do a better job of building shitty software and shitty software engineers who spend 99% of their time in meetings and filling out paperwork than actually programming.


this wasn’t about software-development.

This was the Microsoft Scandinavian Product Activation.

It’s for the Microsoft-customers who haven’t got an internet-line, or who have activated Windows to many times.

So then they have to call, and speak with a person.

But, as some callers pointed out, there’s really no need to use people to do this job, there’s really no point in product-activation over the phone, some customers said.

And, we didn’t have a main-goal.

I suspect, that this could be just a phoney job, to get access to young women in an almost scyscraper (Cunard Building) environment.

Young women on the campaign, were crying all the time.

At work, after meatings, in breaks after work.

All of them blond, I’d say.

I think this job, Microsoft Product Activation over the phone could just be an eg. Illuminati set-up to get hold of young, Nordic women etc.

At least with the Scandinavian Product Activation in the Cunard-building in Liverpool, due to the mentioned reasons:

No main goal, customers, who seemed enlightened, said that there was no purpose of product-activation (over the phone), women crying everywhere, and walking with very small steps.

So this could have just been a phoney job to make young, sexy, foreign women to whores, if they weren’t whores from before.

I also heard some Brits, that didn’t belong on the campaign, speaking behind my back, while I sat on the phone.

One wondering why I was there.

The other (none of them belonged in the office, they were ‘successfull people in their 30s or 40s I seem to remember that they seemed like) person said I was there so that to get the Nordic women to stay on the campaign a bit longer before the left.

(Their real job was to be whores, in breaks etc, I suspect).


Erik Ribsskog
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Quoted comment by mikecurse:
Quoted comment by johncons: The team-leader was treating the staff in an decending way. (Degrading/looking down on them).

She was bullying staff, I think one have to say, by calling them ‘lazy’, in e-mails.

That’s not ok, at least not in Norway.

(And not in the UK eighter, as I’ve understood it).

And it’s not in-line at all with company policy, the Bertelsmann Essentials, (even if these weren’t implemented at Arvato at this time).

Even if a person is a manager, still the person haven’t got the right to treat staff in a degrading way.

Yours sincerley,

Erik Ribsskog

I believe «condescending» is the word you’re looking for.

Yes, that’s right ‘condensending’, I’m sorry I have to practise on my English, I’m from Norway you see.

Thanks again!

Erik Ribsskog

Posted very recently by «johncons» (R)


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