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Quoted comment by Fat_Bastard: Come to Japan where there are often women cleaners in the male bathrooms….There are also sometimes male cleaners in the female bathrooms….And only the foreigners are bothered by it!

If this had happened in Oslo, where I’m from, I think it would have been a scandal.

Because this, Lifestyles, is a Council-run gym, and there aren’t only men, but also boys, I think or tenagers, who work out there.

And also one of the female cleaners, who was cleaning the mens changing-room there, on one occation, (when I just turned in the door to the changing-room, and showered at home), she looked pretty young, I seem to remember, she might have been under 18.

So this I think would have been a scandal at a Council-run gym or swiming-pool in Oslo, which also has eg. Council-run swimming-pools.

It would be a bit like the teacher going into the pupils shower at school, I think, I think it would have been a scandal, in Oslo, if the Council there hadn’t thought about this problem when they made the cleaning rota.


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