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in the USA i think most guys wouldnt be bothered by it unless he is a woosy – the girls might get a schlong or two swung at them though cause there’s always one real idiot in the group isnt there
Posted 1 hour ago by «Beinrich_Bimmler» (R)

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if this has happened, at the T�yenbadet, in Oslo, that the female washing staff had been washing the all age mens changing room and showers within the opening hours, or at a primary school in Norway, then it would have been a scandal in Norway.

But I guess you are thinking about a private gym, you probably don’t have public gyms in the USA, do you?

In Norway, I think people tend to think that public places should be decent.

It’s like when you go to the library, you don’t expect that the cleaning woman is going to wash the urinal during the opening hours there, or how is this in the USA, have you got public libraries there?

Posted 20 mins ago by «johncons» (R)

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I was at Detroit Airport, in 2005.

And there weren’t any Norwegian (My first language) immigration/holiday-forms, and there weren’t any forms in English.

But then they had a immigration-employee there, that you reminded me of now.

He screamed at me across the hall, ‘sprechen sie Deutch’.

He screamed at me, if I spoke German.

(Since the flight was from Franfurt, ant the Lufthansa-employee didn’t give me a form, aboard the fligth).

Norway was occupied by nazi-Germany, during WWII, so I didn’t like being screamed at in German, so I screamed back ‘nicht sehr gut’, since the only German I know, I’ve picked up from holidays etc, since my aunt used to live in Switzerland.

So I don’t think the situation is that good in America any longer, since you can’t afford to print forms in other languages than French and German and Spanish.

But anyway, I was sent back to Europe by the Immigration-police, (who spoke American-English, and not German), so I don’t think I’ll go back anyway, and risk that this will happen again.

So it isn’t really a problem for me with the forms.

Your picture just reminded me of the airport immigration-control staff.

But that’s how it is sometimes I guess, that one get’s flashbacks like this.

I suspect it is like that.


Erik Ribsskog


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