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Quoted comment by MikL0:
Quoted comment by Fat_Bastard: Come to Japan where there are often women cleaners in the male bathrooms….There are also sometimes male cleaners in the female bathrooms….And only the foreigners are bothered by it!

same here.
in here we wonder what’s the big deal about whole thing.
he/she is nude. so what.


I think this can be compared with, if a school-class, when they have finished with the gymnastic-class, then the boys-class find the female washing-staff washing the shower-room while they are using the changing-room.

It’s maybe a bit pointless to discuss the Japanese culture, since this incident was in Liverpool, and not in Japan.

At least, then I’ll mention Norway.

And in Norway, we never had female washing-staff washing the changing-room while we were showering at primary school etc.

How about in Japan?

Erik Ribsskog
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now I saw the Finnish flag.

It’s not the same culture in Britain and Finland.

In Finland you have sauna.

This gym didn’t have sauna.

And I joined another gym, after the problems at this gym.

And there they had sauna, for both sexes.

But this was a private gym, (at Haymarket in Liverpool, so called Executive Gym, I think), and almost noone used the sauna.

And I used boxer-shorts in the sauna, in-case some women would show up there.

But they didn’t clean the sauna, so then the boxer-shorts smelled, so that you had to wash them at 90 degrees and not 60 degrees or else the smell wouldn’t go away.

So I guess you Finns clean your saunas, or don’t you, by the way?

Anyway, I think we can say that’s a different culture in Britain.

I didn’t see any women at all in the sauna there, the month or two I worked out there, and this was a gym for only people who were working, and that were in their 20’s and older, I think.

Something like this.
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