Problems with the Merseyside-police

I’m thinking now, about the problems with the Merseyside-police.

That they don’t want to give me my rights.

That this can be due to, that when I had to run away from Norway, in July 2005, because someone tried to kill me, on a farm I was working on then, in Larvik.

Then I ran away from Norway, because I didn’t know who I could trust, since I’ve overheard that I was followed by the ‘mafian’.

Then I ended up in Liverpool, and went to the Police-station.

But the police-constable there, was maybe a bit homosexual.

I overheard that he complained about that he didn’t like the smell of the clothes I had been working in, on the farm, to his collegues, in the back-room, or what it’s called.

So maybe that’s why they didn’t want to give me any help or information, and still don’t, since I wasn’t wearing the latest designer-clothes, or fashion-clothes, when I went there(?)


Erik Ribsskog


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