StatCounter: Someone are making a point of, that the Bertelmann Arvato Microsoft Scandinavian Product Activation in Liverpool is now moved to Germany.


That’s not really the point, the way I see it.

If some Scandinavian and other people are being bullied by managers in Britain or in Germany, that’s more or less the same, the way I see it.

I think the problem is in Bertelsmann.

At least, I don’t think this problem will disappear, if it isn’t brought into light, in the media etc.

I also know that many of the same people that worked at Bertelsmann Arvato, now work in an almost similiar environment.

Working on behalf of Lufthansa, in the Bosch call-center, in the Cotton House, I think it is, in Liverpool.

Who knows if they aren’t being used as whores there as well.

Like I’ve explain I think went on in the Cunard Building here:

It seems to me, that the Bosch call-center/Lufthansa/Scandinavian girls stuff in the Cotton House, could possibly be a similar type of set-up to the Microsoft/Bertelsmann Arvato/Scandinavian girls in the Cunard Building.

That the same girls that previously were being used as Illuminat-whores, or what it really was, in the Cunard Building, now are being used as Illuminati-whores, or what it is, in the Cotton House.

‘Same shit, new wrapping’, like the Americans says.

And people are probably or possibly being bullied just as much by Bertelsmann in Germany, like they where by Bertelsmann Arvato in Liverpool, on the new Microsoft Scandinavian Product Activation, in Germany.

At least we have seen how Bertelsmann operate in Liverpool.

But this is just a small part, of the Bertelsmann company.

We don’t know anything about what’s going on in Bertelsmanns divisions in other parts of the world.

Bertelsmann is a very big company, that employes many tens of thousands of people, all over the world.

And I’ve got messages on this blog, from Arvato employees, complaining about how Bertelsmann operate in Mexico.

And I’ve also read about on Facebook, that one guy thinks they operate like ‘nazis’, in the USA.

So I think this problem is much more widespread, than that it’s just a problem with the Bertelsmann Arvato Microsoft Scandinavian Product Activation, in the Cunard Building, in Liverpool, in 2005 and 2006, that’s why I think it’s important to get these problems out in the light of the media etc.

So that’s what I’m trying to achive.

That people get to know what’s going on, so that these problems could be dealt with and put light on.

Because or else, I think the problems are just going to be moved, to other buildings, and to other companies.

So that’s how I think this is.


Erik Ribsskog


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