Update about the correspondence with the University of Sunderland

Google Mail – Re: Julie Clapham/Fwd: Study fees – Student ID: 049039692 – Erik Ribsskog

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Google Mail Ante Valente <erik.ribsskog@googlemail.com>

Re: Julie Clapham/Fwd: Study fees – Student ID: 049039692 – Erik Ribsskog

Erik Ribsskog <erik.ribsskog@googlemail.com> 22 February 2009 05:01

To: Credit Control <creditcontrol@sunderland.ac.uk>


well I need the documents to get a job.
So it makes no sense really, by the University, to hold back certificates etc., if they want
me to be able to sort the financial situation.

And it didn't seem on Joy Taylor that I spoke with before you, that there should be any
connections between getting certificates even if one owed money.
I wasn't made aware of this, I was just adviced to contact Janet at your department,

(credit control), and also to contact student records.
I hope your e-mail isn't going back on what has been said earlier by Joy Taylor etc.,
since I went to Sundeland, last month, to try to sort these problems?

I also have a couple of other questions regarding problems at the Forge.
Did you find out why the fire-alarm went off almost every night for the first two months,

that we lived at the Forge?
(Joblin House, flat 3, with room 168 etc).
Have any other of the students recieved refunds due to all these fire-alarms, that distroyed ones

sleep every night, for months?
Even if I call and haven't paid the tution fee, (due to reasons that I've contacted the University about),

does this make it alright by the Univeristy to lie, when I call, and say that I'm not registered on the

(Your gateway-reception found me at once, when I went there in person, last month, but on the phone,

some weeks before Christmas, I was told that I wasn't on the system).
Why did we have to move from one flat in the Forge in another flat, right after Christmas 2005.

Shouldn't it be enough to move into one shared student-flat a year, and get to know one group of
students, and live with them, with the time and effort it can take to get on with your flat-mates,

and then you have to move again, some months later, and start from scratch, with new flat-mates.
Doesn't this take the students attiontion away from the studies, Is this something that usual to do

at the University, I was wondering.
Are you going to investigate what happened with the old Dept Panel Application Form, that
I sent you in 2007, which you now say that you never recieved?

Sorry if I'm a bit sharp in this e-mail, with the indexing and all, but I really need the files you have.

You have my files that I can't get from Norway.
Those files would help me get a job.

It makes no sense for you to keep these files away from me, since I owe you for tution-fees.
If you want me to pay this back fast, then you should help me find a job, by sending me the
mention files.

You are frustrating me, by writing this, that you want to make problems for my job-seeking, by
not sending me my files.
But I think these problems should be looked at, since I think it's a bit strange, that there should

be so many problems.
I could have understood it if there were one or two things that seemed strange, but five things
that seems strange, I think that's a bit much.

Sorry to say this!
Yours sincerely,
Erik Ribsskog
Sorry if I got the tone wrong in this e-mail.
I'm from Norway, so it could be that I've misunderstood about the files.

Sorry about this if that's the case!
But at least now I've mentioned the problems, it could be in the Universities
interest possilbly also to have a look at this, possibly, so then I've mentioned

these problems at least, for the record.
Hope this is ok!
2009/2/12 Credit Control <creditcontrol@sunderland.ac.uk>

Dear Erik

Thank you for your email, the contents of which have been noted and

recorded on your account.

When a student has a debt outstanding there are restrictions on

releasing Certificates, etc until the debt is settled in full, thats

why you may be encountering difficulties obtaining information.

Please send your completed Debt Panel Application Form with copies of

the last three months of your bank statements (the most recent

balance being within 5 days of the date of submission of your form) and

any other relevant supporting documentation back to us now, as I will

pass it on to our Manager to consider how to progress regarding your

financial situation.

Yours sincerely

Julie Clapham

University Credit Control

Erik Ribsskog wrote:


yes I am uneployed and recievig job seekers benefit, and

actively seeking employment, and

taking courses on Learn Direct etc.

I'm currently on a budget, so I can't pay that much at the moment, but

I reackon that I'll get

a good job.

At least if I get the files sent from your Student Records, that

I called yesterday.

I think they must have my files from Norway, wich NITH don't

want to send me.

And HiO don't want to send me my 2 year degree, it seems, even if I was

accepted for

the third year of a British Bachelor Computing-degree, when I

studied in Sunderland.

I think it would also help my chances of getting employment, if I could

get the file from the

Language Center at University of Sunderland, to do with my

language-test, where I got the

best score in English, so that I didn't have to take

language-courses in English, when I

was studying in Sunderland.

If I can't find employment then I've planned to start studying again,

in the automn.

We'll see.

So I don't know if you want me to update you again later, in a months

time or so, when I know

if I'm going to be studying or working?

Thanks again for the answer, and sorry about all the problems

with the tution-fees etc!

Yours sincerely,

Erik Ribsskog

2009/2/10 Credit Control <creditcontrol@sunderland.ac.uk>

Dear Mr Ribsskog

Thank you for your email, the contents of which have been noted and

recorded on your account.

You mention that you are currently unemployed, are you actively seeking

a job? If so, how are you progressing and have you received any offers

of employment yet?

How are you able to support yourself, are you receiving any income?

Apologies for the delay in responding, look forward to hearing from you


Yours sincerely

Julie Clapham

University Credit Control

Erik Ribsskog wrote:


thank you very much for your e-mail.

I'll send the form as soon as possible.

I'm unemployed at the moment, should I wait with sending the

form then, untill I find a job,

or should I send the form right away?

(It might seem silly that I call about the repayment-plan


I'm unemployed, but I thought

I'd try get this up to date, since I haven't time to do this

before unfortunatly).

Thanks again for the e-mail!

Yours sincerely,

Erik Ribsskog

2009/2/5 Credit Control <creditcontrol@sunderland.ac.uk>

Dear Mr Ribsskog

Further to our telephone conversation and your subsequent email

regarding 2004/5 Tuition Fees.

As we do not appear to have received your original proposal of

repayment and in view of the fact it was a few years ago and your

financial status will have changed, would you please be kind enough to

complete the attached Debt Panel Application Form. Please return

is to us with copies of

the last three months of your bank statements (the most recent

balance being within 5 days of the date of submission of your form) and

any other relevant documentation.

This will enable us to reach a mutually agreeable repayment plan.

We look forward to hearing from you shortly.

Yours sincerely

Julie Clapham

University Credit Control

Erik Ribsskog wrote:


I spoked with Julie Clapham at Credit Control, today, on



My student-number is: 049039692.

After this communication, on e-mail, that I'm forwarding



now, I was sent a payment-plan form,

that was supposed to be dealt with in a 'payment-plan


at the University.

But I didn't hear anything, after this.

But I was busy in a new job at the time, and with a


so I have had a lot of other things

on my mind.

And last year, like I told on the phone, I tried to call the

University, but then my name couldn't be

found, on your computer-system.

So I went to the University, two weeks ago, on the



then I was given my student-number,

in the Gateway-reception.

And then I called Joy Taylor, about the problems with the payment plan

etc., last week, and was

told to call Janet at Credit Control.

So I'm sorry that this has taken a lot of time!

I think something must have happened with the



that I sent you, in 2006, I think

it must have been.

(I probably have a copy of the payment-plan form here


but I have a lot of files here, since

I've also been working on a court-case etc., so I have


boxes with files here, so then I would need

some time, if I have to find any files, regarding that,



think I should have some files also regarding

this somewhere).

Sorry again about the delay!

Yours sincerely,

Erik Ribsskog

———- Forwarded message


From: Erik Ribsskog <erik.ribsskog@googlemail.com>

Date: 2006/2/11

Subject: Re: Study fees

To: International <international@sunderland.ac.uk>


Thanks for the answer!

I havent heard from the Finance department yet, so I



them about this next week.

Thanks again!


Erik Ribsskog

On 27/01/06, International <international@sunderland.ac.uk>


Dear Erik,

Thank you for your email. I have forwarded it to our Finance department

who should be in touch with you in due course. You can contact them via

email at: income.finance@sunderland.ac.uk

I hope this helps.

Best wishes,


Student helpline

University of Sunderland

Erik Ribsskog wrote:

> Hi,


> I was a student at University of Sunderland last year, and since


> had some economical problems etc., I havent

> got to organize an agreement on how i should pay the study fees

etc. yet.


> So I was wondering who I should contact about this.


> Im sorry it has taken me so long to contact you about this!


> Thanks in advance and regards.


> Erik Ribsskog


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