Meeting at the Law Clinic at the University of Liverpool about the Bertelsmann/Microsoft-case, today

Today I was at the Universtity of Liverpool, at the Law Clinic there, which I have contacted about the Bertelsmann Arvato/Microsoft-case (See the ‘Arvato-case’-label on the blogg).

The meeting was at 12 noon, and now its around 2 pm., so the meeting was a couple of hours ago.

So I thought I’d write a summary, from the meeting, while I still have the details in my head.

The meeting was with Solicitor Susan Grady there, and two law-students, who looked like they maybe were Arab or something(?)

I shoke hands with them, but I didn’t notice their names unfortunatly, because there were three new names at once, and I’m from Norway, so I’m not so good at catching the names etc., in meetings that are spoken in English.

I signed a cooperation-form, that the students gave me.

I explained that there were several hundred files, to do with the case, so I hadn’t printed them all, but I had a CD with me, with most of the files.

They asked what the problems were about, bullying they knew from my e-mails to the university, so I gave them a file called ‘Problems detailed’, that I wrote in 2007, before the meeting at CAB with the Morecrofts-solictior, Pool.

Then they asked if I had an explanation where I explained about the problems in more detail, and I gave them enclosure 7, from the indexed files.

They asked me if I had brought the problems up with the company.

That’s why I gave them enclouse 7, from the meetings with my line-manager, Slettvold, about the problems in the company.

Then the students asked if there was a problem that was more serious than the others.

Then I explained about the problems with the team-leader Steinsland.

That I have posted about on the LiveLeak-website.

That she e-mailed me pictures of a bum, called employees ‘lazy’ in company e-mails, and some other e-mails with sexual harassment from her.

I explained that this was only the harassment from her, that I had about in e-mails, but there was also much other harassment/bullying from her, that I had explained about in enclosure 7 and the other files.

After a while, the Solicitor interupted, and said that they couldn’t help me with taking this case to an employment tribunal, since I would have had to deliver a claim, within three months then.

I explained that I hadn’t been ignorant, but that I had been dealing with the case regurarly.

But that the Police had lied, and said that CAB were Government, when they are a charity.

And that I had also been bullied, by the Police the Citizens Advice Bureau, (and the Law Soicesty and the Legal Services Ombudsman), etc.

So that maybe the problems with the Police and the CAB etc., should have been included in the case.

Then the solicitor said that the case was to much for the students to deal with, since it was a to big case for them.

I said that I wouldn’t argue about that with her, but that I tried to learn and understand the legal-system.

The solicitor said that they would send me an e-mail with advice, on how to go forward with this case.

So this is how I remember the meeting.

I wrote some notes on the meeting, that I’ll scan and include in a PS to this blog-post.


Erik Ribsskog


Here is the e-mail about the meeting, and my notes from the meeting:

PS 2.

Here is an example of the ‘cooperation-form’, that the law-students gave me to sign, at the meeting at the Law Clinic today:


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