Correspondence with the IPCC about appealing against the decision not to investigate (Appeal e-mail 5)

Google Mail – Your Complaint Against Merseyside Police – 2007/006341

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Google Mail

Erik Ribsskog


Your Complaint Against Merseyside Police – 2007/006341

Erik Ribsskog


Sat, Nov 10, 2007 at 7:38 AM


Joanne Fitzgerald <>


I'm writing to you, to inform you, (like I've already informed the Norwegian Embassy), that I haven't

got that much confidence left regarding how the Merseyside Police, are dealing with the complaint/appeal.

I was at Walton Lane Police Station, regarding a meeting with Sgt. Smythe, the day before yesterday.

I was harassed in the reception there.

Yesterday, I sent an e-mail to Sgt. Smythe and his assistant Rachel, about some enclosures, that

we had agreed on the meeting Thursday, that I would e-mail them.

I was also asking them, how I should go forward with reporting the harassment, but when they answered

to my e-mail, they didn't tell me how I should go forward regarding this.

In the meeting on Thursday, Rachel, Sgt. Smyth's assistant, told me that the e-mail address to the

Liverpool North Standards Unit, was (She wrote it on a note).

While I was sending the files, as agreed yesterday, I had a look at the lastest letter I had recieved, from

the Liverpool North Standards Unit, and there it says that their e-mail address is:

(So on their letters, the email address, has got an extra '.').

When I wrote the last e-mail to Sgt. Smyth/Rachel yesterday, after finishing e-mailing all the files, I

asked them to please confirm that they had recieved the documents, due to this problem with the

e-mail address.

Then Rachel, Mr. Smyth's assistant, informed me that it was the e-mail address that she wrote on

the note, that was the right address, and not the e-mail address on their letters.

I think that this means that eighter Mr. Smyths assistant isn't telling the thruth, or that the Liverpool

North Standards Unit are so unproffesional, that they are writing letters, to members of the public,

with the wrong e-mail addresses on the letters.

And also, since I think I was harrassed, at the Police Station on Thursday, and also since the

Liverpool North Standards Unit, weren't answering me about my questions surrounding the harassment

incident, even if I the e-mail containing these questions, also was forwarded with the e-mail they

sent me an answer to yesterday.

(So they had two oppertunities, to get to read my quesions regarding how to go forward with reporting

the harassment incident, and still they didn't answer me on this).

And I also think that regarding the problem with the e-mail address, that eighter the PC must have

been lying, or the Police Force and the Standards Unit, are run so unproffesional (printing the wrong

e-mail address on their letters, that there has to be something wrong with the Police-force.

I don't think that they can have two different e-mail addresses, and claim both to be the right e-mail

address, that doesn't really make any sense.

So I havent got any confidence left in the Merseyside Police's ability to deal with this case/comlaint and

appeal, so I think I'm going to have to withdraw from the complaint-process, if not a thustworhty autorothy

from outside of the Merseyside Police, are drawn directly into this.

(I'm enclosing a copy of the mentioned note, and letter, and I'm also going to forward you three e-mails

containing the e-mail correspondence I was refering to from yesterday).

I hope that this is alright!

Yours sincerely,

Erik Ribsskog
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