Someone wanted me to describe the document ‘Ipcc Appeal Email 5’ on Scribd

Someone wanted me to describe this file.

I have an employment-case, against Bertelsmann Arvatos Microsoft Scandinavian Product Activation.

There were so many problems there, with young women being controlled like slaves by other employees, and young women suddently being home sick, and not returning, and some Scandinavian women only working one day a year, and being sick the rest of the year.

So I feared that some of these women were under ‘mafia-control’, or something like this.

And there was also a lot of bullying from managers, and the company used illigal management-methods, reinforcement, that I think is meant to be used only for training dogs and other animals, and not at work.

The Police also started bullying me, and told lies, and sent me a letter calling me ‘Miss Erik Ribsskog’, etc.

So I reported the Merseyside Police, to the IPCC, with 18 complaints about misconduct.

The Police claimed that the complaint didn’t have any claims of misconduct, or what the term they used was.

So this file is my appeal, to the IPCC.

The complaint was upheld, so the IPCC belived my version and not the Police’s.

Please just contact me if I should explain more, I’m trying to whistleblow about this case, since now, neighter the employment-case or the Police-complaint case is going anywhere.


Erik Ribsskog


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