Job-seeking in England: It can sometimes be boring not to have a job, but I found an offer with Sky-bet, four free bets if you bet five pounds!


Here’s the conversation, (that I pasted in a text-file):

15:08:05 Phil has joined this session!
15:08:05 Connected with Phil
15:08:05 Hi Erik Ribsskog, my name’s Phil. How can I help you today?
15:08:13 hi there, yes please
15:08:25 Can I take your User ID please?
15:08:33 i thought that when i opened the account, that i got four free bets with the account
15:08:39 one moment please
15:12:06 it just say this:
15:12:45 Please bear with me and I’ll look into your query.
15:13:14 User ID JOHNCONS
15:13:19 Ok, thanks very much
15:14:45 I have placed the other 2 on your account.
15:14:55 ok, not bad 🙂
15:15:03 that’s cool
15:15:09 thanks very much!
15:15:14 Thanks
15:15:15 i thought it was four bets
15:15:28 ok, have a fine day then
15:15:32 thanks again!
15:15:40 You have used 2 already
15:15:46 yes, that’s right
15:15:55 i thought it was four free bets, right?
15:16:05 or did I read the small printing wrong?
15:16:20 Yes and you have 2 still on your account to use
15:16:32 okok, that’s brilliant
15:16:41 probably just some problems with the system then?
15:16:49 that happens all the time
15:17:10 OK but you will see they are there
15:17:30 yeah, that sounds good, I’ll check again now
15:17:36 thanks very much for the help!
15:17:51 Thanks for chatting. If you need to contact us again just click on the link at the top of the page.
15:18:21 ok, i’ll try to remember the small printing next time
15:18:27 thanks again for the help, bye!

PS 2.

Now it was free bets there:


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