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Google Mail

Erik Ribsskog


Chat with Ewans Nick

Ewans Nick


Fri, Apr 3, 2009 at 10:35 PM


9:04 PM Ewans: hi
9:07 PM me: hi there
Ewans: how is life?
9:08 PM me: well it's not bad, and yourself?
Ewans: i'm researching an interesting project
not related to you
can't tell more, though
me: okey, i see, not bad
ok, np.
i sent an e-mail to a norwegian newspaper
9:09 PM about the stuff with the Gerhardsen and Stoltenbergs-families in Norway
and the problems with my grandfater
Ewans: ok. I doubt they will do anything about it.
me: and the mafia built up by Hauge
ok, that's strange
but it's like military secrets almost then i guess
9:10 PM i mean, i've read speaches of kennedy etc, saying that there should be openness about things like this in society
Ewans: those journalists have to think of their own career, or they'll end up like you
i think
me: yeah, i guess that makes sense
Ewans: problems with the elite, no jobs etc
9:11 PM someone calling and "warning" about them
me: i see, i'm not so into how these things are working, but maybe some idealists want to publish about it
ok, i see
9:12 PM Ewans: btw, did you know your father received quite a bit of money fromGermany in the late 80s? Did he always have much money?
me: well, he bought new american and german cars, and i always got money for food
9:13 PM i lived alone in the 80's, and got like £20-£30 a week for food, and my grandmother also got money for food for me
but before the 80's then I don't think they had that much money
9:14 PM my father used to have used cars in the 70's
and he went bankrupt on a house-building project, around 1989
Ewans: what happened then?
me: he bought an old house, in Sand in Svelvik
he tore it down
9:15 PM and wanted to build six appartments on the property
but some neighbours, on a farm, the Sand-family complained about increased traffic
the council said he could only build four semi-detached houses
9:16 PM and the project went bankrupt before it was finished, and my father went bankrupt, like i've understood it
i moved to Oslo in 1989, my father sold the flat I had been living in, and i didn't go much back to Berger in Svelvik
9:17 PM and I didn't have much more to with my father after 1989, i used struggeled on, on my own, without any family support etc
Ewans: do you sometimes miss Berger, now you're living in the UK?
9:18 PM me: well, i haven't lived at Berger, since 1989, when my father sold the flat there, that i had lived in, in the 80's
but i occationally miss the place, but i haven't had anything to do with the place since then, since i'm not welcome in my fathers house by my steph-mother, Haldis Humblen
9:19 PM Ewans: why are you not welcome?
9:21 PM me: i don't know. Noone has told me. When I was nine years old, in 1980, my father moved from his flat, (where I had just moved, from my mother in Larvik), to Haldis Humblen, and I was left to live alone, in my fathers old flat, without anyone explaining me why, other than that the rest of my family didn't like Haldis
9:22 PM Ewans: your uncles (in the Olsen family) and grandparents don't/didn't like Haldis either?
me: yes that's right. Neighter my uncle Håkon, who lived at Bergeråsen, or my grandmother, Ågot, who lived at Sand, also at Berger, liked Haldis
9:23 PM Ewans: what is she like? Unpleasant?
me: well, you see, i haven't lived in the same house as her, so I don't really know she is
9:24 PM my uncle says that's shes nice to the ones she don't know
but that this is superficial
Ewans: your father seems to like her, though
9:25 PM me: yes, he says that he likes Haldis since she's not the kind of woman who put nail-polish on her toe-nails, whatever that's supposed to mean
9:26 PM Ewans: is she still working?
9:27 PM me: i don't think so. They used to have a waterbed-shop together, in Drammen, in the 80's, but that shop is closed now, as far as I know
Ewans: her sons, what do you make of them?
9:28 PM me: i think the Jan Snoghøj-son might be an illuminist
and the Viggo Snoghøj son is in Florida, working in a gym, but really more or less as a gigolo for an American-woman my sister said once
9:29 PM Ewans: and Christell, you were quite fond of her, weren't you? Do you still have feelings for her?
9:31 PM me: well, i was a bit mesmerised by her, since she looks fine. But i haven't had almost anything to do with her, since the 80's, so I don't really know she is now. But I think that when she grew up, she was manipulated by Jan
Ewans: apparently, she's married with kids
9:32 PM me: yes, that's right, i read coincidently, that she had named her oldest daughter i think, Ronja Erika
Ewans: Ronja Erika??
me: but noone has told me, that her daughter has the same name as me
Ewans: did you ever have sexual intercourse with her?
9:33 PM me: yes, i found it on the net, she had applied for some holiday and the council had published the application
it should be on my blog
no, i never had sex with her
why do you wonder?
Ewans: since she named her daugher after you
me: no, im not the father, or anything
9:34 PM it could be another Erik, Thorhaldsson, on Berger
my sister has had much more contact with Christell, but Pia hasn't told me about the Erika name
I think my sister is an illuminist
Ewans: because?
9:35 PM me: since it's like she wants to use me as a slave or something
she spied on me for my father once
Ewans: recently?
me: no, in 1989 or 1990
in Ågot's hus in Sand
Ewans: your grandmother's house?
9:36 PM me: yes, that's right
i was studying in Oslo, but went there for a weekend-holiday, and my sister lived there with my grandmother
after my father sold the house i lived in for eight years, where my sister lived the last half year
9:38 PM Ewans: But spying on you for your father, does that make her an illuminist? Your father could have fooled her to do so ("I'm only trying to help Erik"…)
9:39 PM me: well theres more
Ewans: she was young
me: once my sister used a boy as a slave in the Karl Johans gate, Norways parade-streat
9:40 PM to beg for money from passers by
a boy her own age, they where 19 i guess, in 1991 or something
right after my sister had moved to oslo
9:41 PM Ewans: sounds desperate
me: once her friend Monica
well my sister was in charge
and had control, but the boy seemed strange
she commanded him
her friend monica sold hasjis, in an Oslo pub
9:42 PM were thrown out, and threw a thoarch at my sister
so like my sister made her do it
she was terrorising her friends it seems
9:43 PM Ewans: did she ever terrorize you?
me: or controling them perhaps
no, but she has an upleasent act
like when i studied in sunderland
then she took her friend siv there
with there two kids
for the christmas and newyear holiday
9:44 PM they couldnt afford a hotel-stay
so i had to ask two neighbour students at the Forge
to let my sister rent their rooms
and then she talked almost like a gangster
9:45 PM (her son is half Somalian, since Pia has had two african men in Oslo, Keyton and Negib, from etiopia)
and i think Pia embarrased me, because she had an upleasant tone there, not like all the other people in Sunderland
9:46 PM Ewans: she had a somali son? How did your family react?
me: well, after the army, i lived in a shared flat
my sister didn't have anywhere to live, so she moved in to my room there
later she got her own room
it was rented out by the council
9:47 PM then she got the son, but she didn't have that much to do with our parents
Ingeborg has blaimed me, she didn't like it that Pia has a half Somalian son
but i was in the army when Pia met Keyton
9:48 PM Ewans: your grandmother is racist?
me: and she was 20 or 21 or something
well she didn't like it, that Pia got a half somalian son
but she's old, so old people don't often like that
Ewans: i see
me: because in Norway we haven't had many African people living
9:49 PM so she blaimed me, but Pia lived her friends when she met Keyton, and was an adult
so I don't understand why Ingeborg would blame me
but Ingeborg is difficult to reason with, I think
Ewans: is she married to Keyton?
9:50 PM me: no, they split up before Daniel was born, and Pia got a Coucil-flat
Ewans: where's Keyton now? still in Norway? What kind of person is he,has he got a job or something?
9:51 PM me: i dont think he has a job, he made noises when he ate, and didnt speak norwegian.
he was a like a cool gangster-type id say
without knowing if he was a criminal
Ewans: he only spoke english?
9:52 PM me: yeah i think he spoke english, and not Norwegian, if i remember correctly, they were seing eachother in 1994 etc
9:53 PM Ewans: and your sister is now a single mom?
me: no, my sister got togheter with Negib again, that she was with, before Keyton
Christell liked Negib better than Keyton, I remeber she telling Pia
one of the few times i met Christell after I moved to Oslo
9:54 PM Ewans: and they're still together?
me: as far as i know, yes, but my sister said that they could go months or weeks without speaking with eachother
so i think its a bit strange
9:55 PM Ewans: she don't have any other children (with Negib)?
me: no, i dont think so
i havent had much contact the last two years
but not untill then
Ewans: and he's Somali as well. Is he working or something?
me: no, hes from etiopia.
9:56 PM he worked as a delivery-guy, for 'Tiny bud-service', in Oslo, driving a Hi-Ace type of car
9:57 PM Ewans: tiny was owned by that extremist right-wing politician, I believe?
me: yes that's right
althought in america you might say republican
why do you want to know all this again 🙂
Ewans: I lived in Oslo, Norway for one and a half year in the 90s
9:58 PM I remember the company
me: of, ok, i didn't know
ok not bad
they lived in Tromsøgata, at Sofienberg
but have moved now
to Helsfyr
9:59 PM Ewans: in the east end?
me: yes that's right, but quite central, one can almost walk in to Oslo city center
10:00 PM you are trying to find out more about my father etc right?
Ewans: fromHelsfyr? I thought that was quite far out?
me: well, it's next to Vålerenga, so I think one can almost walk
i used to study at Helsfyr
Ewans: Yes, your family historiy is very strange, and your father especially
me: but it's better to take the tube that's right
10:01 PM ok, i agree about that, i'd like to find out more myself, so i guess that's ok
but you are working for a german company
or are you working for yourself mostly now
what other types of things are you usually working with
Ewans: I'm working for myself mostly, and with different projects
10:02 PM I used to find missing people, in America
Since I got interested in cases like yours
me: ok, i see
Ewans: Now I do various stuff, and am writing on a book
10:03 PM me: ok, i see, well i try to find out what has been going on, since i had to live alone from i was nine years of course
in the christmas of 2003, i think it was
then i got a lighter and pen set for christmas from Haldis and my father
my sister wondered what i thought, like it meant something
10:04 PM maybe some mafia-symbolics?
often they would give the same for christmas two years in a row etc
but i guess it could be anything
10:05 PM i'm sure i have a lot of stuff, in my memory, that i haven't got puzzeled together yet
so then i'm sure i can be of more help
which german company was it that sent my father money then, if it's ok to ask?
10:07 PM Ewans: Frankfurter Sparkasse, I don't know who originally sent it, though
me: ok, i see, that sound like a bank
Ewans: that's a bank, that's right
But I don't know who ordered the money to be sent
10:08 PM me: my father and my uncle Runar took me to a holiday with a ferry to Kiel, when I was a child
I see
how much money was it then?
if it's ok to ask
Ewans: Ca. 50 000 DM
10:09 PM me: and on the Jugoslavia-holiday, in 1980, me and Christell was told to only speak German, in Austria, in a shop, on the way to Jugoslavia
ok, I don't know what that could be due to
i don't think my father sold any water-beds etc., to Germany
10:10 PM and you say that he got money sent from Germany, also at the beginning of the 80's
10:11 PM Ewans: 50 000 DM in 1986 would be close to a million NOK today, I think
no, I don't know of any transfers in the early part of the 80s
me: ok, it was in 1986
i thought you wrote 1989
Ewans: it was in 1986
me: ok
10:12 PM yes, that's quite a lot then
my father also got a car from Germany
a new Mercedes
and a new Mitsubishi
around 1983 perhaps
he was told there that he couldn't only buy the mercedes, he also had to buy the other car for Haldis
10:13 PM which i thought was a bit strange back then
my father complained in my grandmothers house
a quite young guy from Berger went with him, to drive the other car back
10:14 PM Christell was a bit messing with me, I'd say, when I grew up, in plots etc., to make me look more groomed etc., and scared other girls away
10:15 PM also Viggo Snoghøj, the body-builder is very vain
i think he must have been messed with by Jan and Christell etc
Ewans: Viggo, he's the gigolo guy?
me: yes, he's also a body-builder guy
10:16 PM he workes on a gym in Florida
I'll find a link, one sec
I think his being messed with there
i've tried calling him, but he sounded surprised, but didn't want to talk
maybe he knows something
he seems to have been runing away from them perhaps
maybe he's speak to you
he wont speak with me
10:17 PM one sec
it looks like they've added a pic of another bodybuilder in the youtube vid
with a little girl looking on 'Viggo'
to make viggo seem like a perv
10:20 PM Ewans: i see
me: because the girl in the vid had dark hair, and christell had blond hair, and viggo didn't have any other sisters etc
Ewans: He used to live with your father and Haldis Humblen?
me: yes, that's right, but he moved to Køge, in Denmark, in 1982, or something
10:21 PM so he moved out from there around the time my sister moved in
then he's been living in Germany and Sweden, I think, before moving to the USA
10:22 PM Ewans: I found a blog on the Internet with you father's name, have you seen the blog?
me: but he's not that sound. a bit self-obsessed
yes, the 'raggar'-blogg? 🙂
Ewans: Is it your father?
me: i thought it could be some mafia/police etc
i dont know i think it could be something to fuck me up
Ewans: have you asked your father?
10:23 PM me: no, he called me night and day, so i had to buy a new phone
Ewans: you could send an e-mail?
me: and this on top of what happened when i was a child
well, i think the only way is to cut the contact
we haven't had much contact, since the 80's
it's very tirering with the contact
10:24 PM Ewans: ok. But I guess he would not deny having created the blog if it's him
me: he's obviously calling on behalf of someone etc
no, i don't trust him
Ewans: There are some other blogs as well, what do you make of them?
me: he's not that responsible and on level terms etc
10:25 PM well, it's the hate-blog that's called, galeribsskog
insane ribsskog
i can't understand why the police and blogger let these blogs distroy my name
they are filled with lies, and they are anonymious
10:26 PM Ewans: do you know who could possibly be behind these blogs?
me: no, i have thought about the girls at Arvato, or some girls at Berger
but i dont know
10:27 PM Ewans: why the girls at Berger? You haven't lived there in 20 years or more?
me: no, but i have also been puzzeled by my upbringing etc
10:28 PM Christell said in 1982 or something, that the principal Borgen, on Berger School went into the girls dressing room, while my fahter was lying on their veranda, sunbathing
my father didn't react
Christell has also said, in 1989, that my father had abused my sister as a child
10:29 PM and Christell said, in 2000, or something, that I had done the same, on 17 May, norways national-day, that I had done the same to Pia, which is a lie
while Pia sat there, and didn't say nothing
10:30 PM So i wondered about this, that Christell said, was she telling lies
so I called Annika, christells scool-mate, and asked her
and she confirmed that Borgen went in to their dressing-room
10:31 PM But i thought that maybe Annika didn't like that I called her about this, (because there seemed like it could be something more going on, from her Facebook-posts), and then started the blog
because i cant understand who it could be, so that's why i thought maybe Annika
10:32 PM or the Arvato-girls, maybe more likely
Ewans: you have written extensively on many people on your own blog, it could be ony of them, I guess
me: yeah i guess
10:33 PM i've just written about what has been going on
because i think it must be something in my past, that prevents me from geting my rights, from the government etc
so that's why i've tried to dig in my past
but i've only written about what has been going on
10:34 PM and i've promised to remove it, later, when it's sorted
Ewans: will it ever be sorted, do you think?
10:35 PM me: but maybe someone think inventing lies, is a good idea, to take revenge, against someone telling the thruth
i can't say really, at least i'm trying to do my part, to contribute towards this
do you think my father is in connection with the Illuminati then?
10:36 PM have you got any web-site etc., where it explains about your work?
Ewans: I don't know. It's difficult to say.
me: ok
Ewans: No, I don't have a website.
me: ok
Ewans: I prefer privacy.
As do many of those I've worked with.
10:37 PM me: ok, i see, no problem
ok, im not so used to dealing with things like this, so ive chosen another approach
i think it's a bit late to turn about this now
so i write on my blog
10:38 PM Ewans: I know.
me: i've published your e-mails, i guess this isn't your right name, right?
Ewans: Right.
10:39 PM It would be dangerous for me if you had published my real name
and damage my work as well
me: i'm not sure if it's possible to publish google-conversations, but I think i'm going to write on my blog, about the information you gave me, that my father got money sent from Frankfurt
ok, i'm not going to ask about things like that then
10:40 PM but then I'll just use the name you write under here, on my blog etc
if that's alright of course
Ewans: no problem
me: because i think it could be important
10:41 PM ok, that's brilliant!
Please just ask me, if there's anyt hing else with my father etc
and I'll try to think a bit more about this myself
thanks again for the information!
10:42 PM Ewans: Ok. I have to go to sleep. I wish you a good night.
me: i have to go to tesco before they close, i'm out of groceries
ok, thanks again for the chat!
see you then, bye!
Ewans: bye


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