Did my parents sell me to the Illuminati/New World Order as a child?

Now, I thought of the e-mails from Nick Ewans.

Showing that my mother went on a spending-spree(?) in Copenhagen and Oslo, in 1983.

And that my father got an amount of money, that is difficult to see why he would get, that is around £100k in todays money, from Frankfurt, in 1986.

And, I remember that my mother and father had a meeting, before I moved to my father from my mother, in 1979, that I wasn’t allowed to listen to.

Right before this, my mother had a meeting at the police-station in Larvik, in the summer of 1979, I think it must have been.

When I had to sit, on the stairs, of the Police-station, in Larvik, (the old station, close to where we lived in Jegersborggate), for almost an hour, and a Police-officer went out, to look at me sitting there, and then went in.

I think my mother must have sold me to the Police.

(That my parents are some kind of Illuminati/underground).

Since she first used my, when I was eight years, to do shopping, in all the shops in Larvik, after my younger brother, Axel was born.

So that she exploited me.

And then, when she couldn’t control me, due to that I wanted to move to my father, then she sold me to the Police(/Illuminati), as a target-guy, and co-operated with my father on this.

This is how I see this.

Why did my parents exploit me?

Because they are/were (my mother is dead), Illuminists, and the illuminist-agenda is that dark hair is best, like I wrote about on my blog, on Sunday morning. (That I met a Lituanian young woman, here in Liverpool, on Saturday night, who told me this to my face: ‘Alex is better (than me) since he has darker hair’).

So it’s about the colour of the hair.

So that’s how this is.


Erik Ribsskog


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