Job-seeking in England: I thought this offer was a bit inpolite, with that they offered the half of my minimum-rate


April 2009




This seems like a ‘New World Order’-strategy, like when I started at Berteslmann/Microsoft.

On the same day, as my interview at Bertelsmann’a Arvato, I was sent to a meeting, on the Jobcenter in Kensington, in Liverpool, regarding a ‘program’-job, for homeless etc., on Asda.

Then the Bertelsmann/Microsoft-job, seemed very fine, in comparison.

The same here.

First they offer the ‘dodgy’ Pizza Grandiosa job. (See the earlier blog-post today).

(Which is just very dumb).

And then another bad job.

So first, the New World Order, offer a very bad job.

And then another bad job.

And then you are meant to think, that the bad job is a fine job, since it’s better than the very bad job.

So this, I think, must be organised, by the New World Order, to manipulate, and exploit, people like me, who haven’t got that much family etc., that they can trust, if they have problems in their life.

So that’s how I think this is, that this is what it means to be in the ‘slaughterhouse’. (New World Order-terminology).

(At the same time now, my landlord is also putting pressure on me, so this could also be linked.)


Erik Ribsskog


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