What I meant with, on IRC, that the people working on Bertelsmann’s Microsoft Scand. Product Activation, didn’t have control, and where messed with

Marianne Hoeksaas: Was messed with at the University of Liverpool, she told me, that they wanted her to pay more, for the studies, than she was meant to, even if it said her version in the rules, she said in 2005, at work, at Arvato.

Being manipulated by Katarina Murie, on Valentines Day, by Murie telling me to give Hoeksaas something. (like a valentines-present to try to manipulate her feelings it seems to me).

Also team-leader Jill from Sweden, used to tickle me, to wake me up, so that the girls would find me interesting, (since I then woke up, and acted tougher, and then the girls would perhaps, I think they speculated in, find me entertaining, and perhaps stay longer on the Microsoft-campaign).

I was also manipulated. I was meant to threat the girls fine. (That was my ‘Slaughterhouse’-job, or one of them, I think is more correct, since if one are in the slaugterhouse, then one are exploited cynicaly, by being cleverly manipulated, in many ways, at home and at work etc. (by the New World Order, it seems to me).

(I overheard, two succesful businessmen, having a conversation, one asking the other, about why was I there, (in 2005). To make the girls stay longer, was the answer, that I overheard behind my back. Where these two businessmen, that didn’t belong at Arvato, I think, masons or gladio etc?)

Anna Riski: Didn’t have enough founds. Was looking for loans at the bank, and asked me for advice about loans. And later got a second job, cryingly telling it was to do with selling ‘bijoterix’, like she told me at Arvato.

Sophie Linvall Johnson: Complaining about that Swedes were being treated poorly in Britain, in connection with that Sven Göran Eriksson, the then England-manager, was being mocked in the British press.

She also complained about her boyfriend only being fine on town, but not fine at all, at home.

Emelie Wallin: Crying at work, in the elevator. Being starred out, by a big bloke, standing next to her, the day Sweden lost to Germany in the 2006 World Cup. (Team-leader Steinsland sat next to them, but didn’t do anything about the starring, from the big bloke. Wallin had very shiny eyes, I remember, I noticed, when I went home for the day, as I watched this scene.

(Not wanting to apply for team-leader, in June 2006, without telling why.)

Often seemed depressed, after the day of the starring-scene. Much more jolly in the time she worked there, before that.


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