I don’t any longer have anything to do with ‘Mr. Ewans’, since he is talking down to me and is being inpolite, I think

Google Mail – Chat with Ewans Nick

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Google Mail

Erik Ribsskog


Chat with Ewans Nick

Ewans Nick


Thu, Apr 9, 2009 at 12:18 AM



11:47 PM Ewans: hi Erik

12 minutes
12:00 AM Ewans: I think you should return to Norway. It's safer there (my experience)
me: who is this?
Ewans: Nick Ewans
12:01 AM me: where's your name gone from the chat
Ewans: ?
You don't see my name?
me: it doesn't say your name on the chat
Ewans: weird
Did you get my email?
me: yes, i read your email
12:02 AM Ewans: I'm in Oslo now
me: i think it's a bit strange, that you have turned 180 degrees in everything
Ewans: I haven't turned 180 degrees. But after spending more time investigating, I came to some new conclusions
12:03 AM which I think are good news
me: ok, i thought it was a bit strange that you spoke with my old coleguess, without asking me first
12:04 AM Ewans: You've mentioned the name of a lot of them on your blog, so I had much background material (I can read Norwegian)
me: ok, but you didn't say that you spoke on behalf of me, i hope
Ewans: No.
me: and how can you know who to trust?
Ewans: I don't now, quite.
12:05 AM But I've spoken to several people, and I feel I've reached a conclusin that is correct
me: ok, but don't you think it's a bit strange, that the whole suburb of Bjørndal should be involved in a practical joke against me?
12:06 AM Ewans: The whole suburb?
me: practicly
do they say that it was just a joke?
Ewans: Please elaborate
me: well i overheard about this from several people at Bjørndal
12:07 AM and several people acted strange
Ewans: yes, one of your former co-workers who remembered what happened told me it was a (silly) joke
me: I overheard about it from at least four people
Ewans: Well, I haven't spoken to all of them, but
me: why would two women in their 50's, who i didn't know, have a silly joke against me
12:08 AM i don't think this add up
Ewans: I guess they could have heard of the joke from the others and repeated it, because they believed you believed it?
me: are you sure that you haven't been tricked by the people on Bjørndal?
the two established women in their 50's?
12:09 AM you obviously don't know how established Norwegian women act
Ewans: I told them I was working on a book, I didn't say I knew you personally or something like that
I couldn't identify the two women
me: ok, but you are aware of that I've published our conversations on my blog, which is being read mostly in Norway?
12:10 AM i don't think this adds up
Ewans: But I believe you may have been scared after hearing of it (the joke) and possibly "imagined" some of it (very usual)
me: ok
what about my father
you said it was a dane
have you got the file perhaps?
how could you mix up my father with a dane?
Ewans: No, I have the information from a bank-employee in Frankfurt
12:11 AM me: I think you are a bit inpolite saying that this is just something I've imagined
Ewans: I didn't say that
me: so I don't think it's any point of going on
Ewans: Some people made a joke, obviously
So there is some substance
me: i also got my face distroyed
was that also a practical joke?
Ewans: an accident?
12:12 AM me: I'm sorry Mr. Ewans, I doubt you a bit now
Ewans: ok
me: no, i think i have explained about that to you
12:13 AM and the stuff with my grandfather
Ewans: About your face?
me: was that also a joke?
yeah, I thought i had explained about it
Ewans: No joke, but your sister isn't persecuted because of that
It's a long time ago
me: my sister?
Ewans: most people are dead
me: my sister is in on what
Ewans: your sister is the grandchild of Johannes as well
me: on whats going on
yes, like my brother
Ewans: yes
12:14 AM me: but i don't trust my sister
Ewans: ok
me: she
she's in on this the way i see it
she's an illuminist i think
Ewans: I see
12:15 AM me: she was using a norwegian boy as a slave in Karl Johan
Ewans: For how long has she been an illuminist, do you think?
me: was that a joke as well?
i dont know, ask the boy from Karl Johan
i dont i should speak more with you
Ewans: Idon't know his identity
12:16 AM why?
me: you are obviously thinking that im imagening things
we arent on the same level
Ewans: No
me: you speak down to me
Ewans: I'm not thinking you are imagining everything
me: thats my opinion
Ewans: But some incidents may have other explanations
me: my opinion is that you are speaking down to me
12:17 AM did that get throug?
Ewans: I don't feel it that way, it's not my intention
me: ..
ok, but this is still my opinion
Ewans: Ok
me: ok, so i say goodbye then
Ewans: Are you sure?
me: now your doing it again
Ewans: I would really like to speak to you some more
12:18 AM me: piss off mr ewans
piss off
Ewans: I see
me: fuck off
Ewans: Why?
me: blody yankee bastard
ive had enough
piss off
piss off
Ewans: What's going on?
me: do you hear me?
Ewans: Why are you so angry at me?
me: i dont want anything more to do with you
aren't you listening
im out
12:19 AM Ewans: erik, please

Google Mail – Interesting news

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Google Mail

Erik Ribsskog


Interesting news

Ewans Nick


Wed, Apr 8, 2009 at 4:43 PM


Erik Ribsskog <eribsskog@gmail.com>


I’m currently visiting Oslo, and have been investigating your case

today, because it would indeed be highly interesting if a normal guy

like you had been persecuted by the mafia. I’ve talked to some of your

former co-workers and other people you’ve mentioned. It appears the

incident in 2003 was meant as a joke, according to a former co-worker

who had overheard it from someone, and was not seriously meant (I

promised not to mention his name, because of your blog). I’ve also

spoken to some people who know the "mafia", that is, Albanian (among

others) criminals in Oslo. They could confirm that the criminals have

no interest in you. It also appears that the incident in Kveld in 2005

was not connected to you, it was just some people trying to capture(?)

some animals, according to a local guy.

My conclusion is that it is completely safe for you to return to

Norway, should you wish to do so.

I’ve also discussed the bank transfer with the guy in Frankfurt that I

know, and there  seems to be a mistake. It was a Danish guy with

almost the same name who received the money for two cars he sold to a

company in Munich.



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