I have to go the Home Office, to apply for asylum in the UK, due to that I’m being persecuted in Norway


It’s maybe a bit strange, that they use red ink(?)

(Shouldn’t only teachers use red ink?)

Shouldn’t official files have blue or black ink on them?



Erik Ribsskog

PS 2.

Nå gikk jeg nesten ut for å kaste på Home Office:

Vi får se hva som skjer, nå ble jeg irritert her.

Vi får se.

Jeg tror det med rødt blekk er noe ‘køddings’.

Vi får se.

PS 3.

Jeg hadde egentlig tenkt å avblåse protest-aksjon.

Da jeg posta bildet av tomatboksen.

Men så hadde jeg allerede tatt på meg skoa.

Så da ble det fristende å gå ut, for å få meg litt frisk luft.

Så bomma jeg tre ganger på den jævla ruta da.

Traff noe betong-greier en gang og metall-ramma rundt vinduene to ganger.

Utrolig nok.

Så jeg hadde ikke egna meg noe bra som palestiner.

Det var dårlig kasting alts., tre bom av tre mulige.

Er det mulig.

Fy faen.

PS 4.

I was at the Home Office, in Water St., on Monday.

Right before twelve noon.

And then a woman fell in the stairs, and got uncontious.

They called an ambulance.

But the stairs there are very hard, made of stone.

And I reacted on, when I went out, that they put a jacket on the woman, like she was dead, almost.

A yellow jacket.

So it almost covered her face.

She was wearing thight trousers, I could see.

Could it have been an Illuminati-plot, against a dark-haired woman, who acted a bit to western?

Remember, on Sunday, I wrote on the blog, that a young woman from Lithuania, that I met on town, (and who I think was perhaps an illuminist or a kabalist), said that a person is better the darker hair, that the person has.

(Even if the girl had light hair, which she covered with a hat).

So maybe this also goes the other way.

That it was an honour-killing, from the Illuminati, since the woman falling in the stairs, had dark hair and thight trousers?

Just a thought.

PS 5.

I don’t think they did it right, at the Home Office.

Because I remember, when I worked as a shop-manager, in Norway.

(Security is very thight there, btw., one are almost not allowed to move.

And when I took a photo, of the clock there, (since the time has been an issue,
when I was there last year), then I got told, by a female officer, with light hair, that I had to turn the phone off, for some reason).

But, this happened on a couple of occations, when I was shop-manager in Norway.

And then, I called 113, I think it was.

And asked them what to do.

But I think that the Home Office did it wrong.

Because I heard what the security-woman said to the people in the reception.

She said, can you call an ambulance, someone fell in the stairs.

But they should have just called themselves.

Because they just let the woman lay there.

And she looked dead.

They should have called 113, or 999, or what it is, and asked what to do.

They should have given first aid.

But they didn’t.

I was being observed, by security staff there.

It’s more security than on an airport.

One have to empty ones pockets, like on an airport, and your stuff is being sent through a machine.

But the woman laid there, for the five minutes, or ten minutes, or what it was, that I was there.

With the people in the reception carrying on their regular work, it seemed, like they didn’t react on the woman laying there.

The first clerk, said I had to wait, for the second clerk.

So while I waited, I noticed the woman.

This could have been an Illuminati-plot.

Because I had told my Landlord, that I was going to the Home Office.

(On Friday, was the plan, but they close at 12 noon, and I overslept on Friday.

And this maybe is a thing one should do on a Monday).

And I knew they close at 12, from last year.

At right before 11 am, a person buzzed on the calling-system here, waking me up.

I slept tightly, so I think I would have overslept, for the Home Office, if the Scottish Power-guy hadn’t used the calling.

He wanted to check the electricity-meter.

But, I think they should have sent me a letter about this(?)

Even if I’m not from Britain, but I think they should have sent letters.

So this could have been part of the plot.

And they didn’t give first aid.

They just put a jacket, on the woman, it seemed to me.

As far as I could see.

But it could be that they did it right, I’m not so good at first aid, and I stood a bit away.

But I thought they should have called the ambulance themselves, the security-gards.

Since they were the ones, caring for the injured woman.

So they could have explained about the patients situation.

Instead they shouted to the reception, about this.

So it was a bit bureucratic, it seemed to me.

One shouldn’t do things bureaucraticly, when someone are injured, I think.

It looked to me like it could have been serious, since the woman laid there, looking like she was dead.

And a yellow jacket was put on top of her, by a security-guard, so that it almost covered her nose, I think, it covered about half her face, I think.

Something like this.

(This was done at the same time, that I went out of the building, passing the injured
woman, on a few meters distance, walking out).

I wasn’t allowed to have the camera on, and I thought it would have been a bit respectless, taking a pic, so I didn’t take a pic.

It could be that I’m wrong, and that everything went fine, but it seemed a bit bureucratic, to me.

So that’s how this was.

(And there was also a big crowd outside, of asian or african-looking people, (or where they could have been from), which I think seemed a bit strange.

Since they were so many.

But it could be that all of them knew the woman then.

What do I know).


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